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January 30, 2023 | Wine House

Vintage 2023

Vintage 2023 is getting underway around the Hunter Valley. Most wineries have started to bring in their Chardonnay and Verdelho crops with Semillon and the alternative varieties to follow. There's no rule saying white grapes have to be picked before reds and the prediction is that a lot of low yielding Shiraz vineyards and early ripening varieties such as Tempranillo will come in before some of the Semillon vineyards.  

It hasn’t been an easy growing season but the hot, dry weather in late December through January has saved the day.  Vintage is an exciting time in the Valley with the buzz of tractors, harvesters and wineries busy around the clock. The many months of hard work in the vineyard comes to fruition as the baton is passed from the viticulturists to the winemakers.

Stay tuned for a full round up of #v23 when it wraps up at the end of March !

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